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French beatmaker Blacksmith delivers a fine mixture of hip hop, trip hop and neo soul on his new LP “Cool”. The fifteen track strong album is a follow up to his 2015 released “Complex” EP. Mellow vibes from front to back and guest-appearances by KinKai, Mmdelai and Nu Linh. Enjoy the full stream above and purchase the album via Bandcamp.



Blakesmith is a French producer who has been releasing music for about the last ten years or so. His latest project is an EP released on the relatively new label Cosmonostro.

Blakesmith won’t necessarily blow you away with Complex, but not every release has to do that. It’s incredibly solid, but his down tempo grooves, while enjoyable, don’t stand out from the rest of the pack. Where he does succeed, though, is his inclusion of vocal clips. He uses them well, providing narration to the music, tying one track to the next, and giving you food for thought as the next beat kicks in. Without these moments, this would be a short collection of beats I could enjoy on my headphones and lose myself for a few minutes. With these carefully selected clips, it’s almost like I’ve been given some homework, something to ponder and work through as the next groove carries my mind away for a minute or two. It sounds simple, but it works well here. Again, this isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, but that doesn’t mean that Blakesmith isn’t doing it well here on Complex. He’s got a good feel for some down tempo music, and he has a good use of space in his beats and bass lines.

Blakesmith isn’t changing the game with his latest EP, but he is delivering something short, sweet, and enjoyable. For a few minutes, he can take you away from the rest of the world as you get lost in his grooves, give you some food for thought, and then send on your way.



Moody chords and sloppy percussion, “Nightfall” by Blacksmith & Gifted The Great AKA EQUALS, blends the vocal content of RnB and soul with the technicality of beat music.



French-producer Blakesmith & UK’s Gifted The Great team up to release their debut collaborative EP, the ‘Equals’ EP, a 5-brand new instrumentals.

What does the title mean?
The title ‘Equals’ is a display of mutual respect between the producers and their respective production styles. They see collaboration as an art, and believe that art must be respected in order to be appreciated.



This Remix Project is a Bonus LP of my Secret Beats 2


Parisian beatmaker Blakesmith is getting ready to unleash his fresh Secret Beats 2 album on the up-rising Cosmonostro imprint. From start to finish this project knocks. Banging electronic beats with pounding kicks and crispy snares that sound like the universe is shattering into splinters.




Cosmonostro return to show there’s no rest for the wicked, as they call on Parisian beatmaker Blakesmith to unleash his neckbreaking Wakanda EP, fresh off the back of a spaced-out R&B rework collection by fellow frenchman Phazz. This time the name of the game is good old fashioned hip hop beats, designed to make both the head nod and the mind expand.
From start to finish this record knocks. Hard. Swinging between thundering kicks and snares that sound like the universe is shattering into splinters. Add to that some space age synths & gut-wobbling low end and you’ve got a thing of raw & rugged beauty.
Staying true to the mantra of Russell Simmons in the EP’s intro, Cosmonostro offer the release as a gift to the world in the form of a free download, snap it up free of charge whilst you still can!


BLAKESMITH & Z Present : Ghostride #55

On Ghostride #55, Z, and producer BLakeSmiTh, create an intentionally futuristic exploration of a variety of sounds. Aesthetically, the atmosphere is engulfed by electronic and glitching notes pierced by the odd soul sample (“Live From The Six-Hundred & Twelve”) and Atmosphere soundbite (“I Am Sensei”). It’s hollow in the brief lulls, as Z explores his confidence and adamant drive to prove his worth, and contrastingly cluttered and claustrophobic when Z has a breakthrough. The album serves a reflection on what it takes to gather self-assurance and move forward, and the fantastic production has one foot planted firmly in the future to help the process.



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